Thanks to Microsoft: Play Xbox Games On Your SmartPhone

Xbox games will soon be available on Andriod phones as well as tablets through the cloud gaming services from the 15th of September. This exciting development means that you can now play your Yakuza games, Halos, and so many other games on your Huawei, Samsung, and other mobile devices. 

Interestingly, this Xcloud gaming service will be made available in 22 markets, featuring over 100 games. These games include; Yakuza Kiwami 2, Gears 5, Destiny 2, and so on. Thanks to Microsoft who has launched the beta version of its Xbox cloud gaming streaming service, that permits game lovers to play quality console games on their different mobile devices. 

Xbox Games On Your SmartPhone

Anyone who has the Xbox Game pass app and an Ultimate subscription can now proceed to download the beta app from the Google Play Store on their smartphones (android devices). However, it doesn’t seem that it will be made available on Apple and iOS devices due to Apple’s strict rules on how apps on its app store must function. 

During the limited beta testing period, users are allowed to play around 30 subsets of the available titles, ahead of the full launch in September 2020. However, the subscription service is not cheap. It will cost about £10.99 per month for users in the UK and $14.99 for users in the US. 

Nonetheless, the 100 games offered to users to enjoy will be a rotating selection of the best titles available on Xbox. It will be fully available as we earlier mentioned on the 15th of September, 2020 to regions of Europe, North America, and South Korea. 

It has a similar gaming platform to the Googles cloud gaming platform Stadia, as it allows users to play games via cloud computing. The games will run on hardware for smartphones to get connected remotely, thereby providing gamers to enjoy high-quality games on their android devices. 

Initially, Microsoft has intended to also make available this service on iPhones and other iOS devices, however, this is not possible as Apple has prohibited games-streaming apps from it’s App Store. 

Apple has also banned the Google Stadia platform from its App Store, explaining that the service was not in line with its normal review guidelines, which involves the individual review of games as they are launched. 

However, Microsoft has not taken this likely and has criticized Apple for this decision. They stated that Apple stands alone as the only general-purpose platform that has denied it’s consumers from cloud gaming and game subscription services like the Xbox Game pass service, which they stated as unfair. 

Xbox Games On Your SmartPhone

Also, they criticized that Apple has continued to treat other gaming apps differently, and have applied more lenient rules on non-gaming apps even when these gaming apps feature interactive content.  

The issue for iPhones and iOS devices is traced to the fact that it does not know which game or service is mostly used by its users on their various devices, as they are all accessed through the Microsoft app. 


We earlier mentioned that the Xbox game will be available in 22 markets without clearly stating these markets. We’ve compiled these markets for you to be aware of if it includes your region so you can enjoy these games on your mobile device. 

These 22 markets include; Canada, Belgium, Austria, France, Denmark, Canada, Hungary, Finland, Czech Republic, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Spain, Sweden, and South Korea. 

Some regions are missing even with the fact that they possess the Xbox live accounts at hand. We are miffed as you are but we hope it is made available for everyone to enjoy as long as you’re an android phone user.

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