SEO Checklist For Web Developers In 2022

Do you think that simply writing quality content is enough to rank your website at the top of Google?

No…there are lots of factors that are considered important for your software to rank in Google.

This is called SEO practice. It involves a great many factors considered, that enable your software to achieve ranking in Google Search Engine.

Web Developers generally keep that in mind while designing the software. There are many software systems that assist your SEO practice. There are many Web development software that you can download for free from rarbg.

In this article, we are going to study the checklist that web developers must follow in order to optimize the software.

SEO Checklist 

Checklist SEO

There is a list of elements that the developers of a website need to consider when building up its software. Let’s check them properly.

1. Compatibility With Mobile Devices 

According to a survey, it is found that customers want to purchase software that is mobile-friendly.

Therefore while the web developers go on to make the software, they ought to see that it finds compatibility with mobile devices.

In order to make the website mobile-friendly, the web developers need to consider if standard development techniques are used to make a CSS stylesheet featuring media queries. Secondly, they must consider whether there is a mobile subdomain for the website.

2. Installation Of Traffic Tracking Program

The second thing that web developers must consider is installing traffic tracking programs. If Traffic Tracking Programs are installed incorrectly, it will lead to the forging of data.

To see that it doesn’t happen, the web developers need to see that TTP is not installed more than once on every page.

3. Correct Coding 

This is one of the most important but most common errors. You could check the manually structured data by making use of Google’s 

However, there are certain minor errors that go unmarked. Therefore you need to check the codes manually. 

4. Using Tools And Plugins 

You need to ensure that you are making the best use of the tools and Plugins. Thankfully, there are various tools and plugins that you could take care of.

These include Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Yoast, and Bing webmaster.

Links to the Tools

5. Identify The Keywords With Low Competitors

There is a tool called Keyword, a finder through which you can identify the low competition keywords.

What makes Keyword finder unique is that it provides loads of data pertaining to the keywords. The types of information that you are able to get from the tool include:

  • Keyword Difficulty.
  • Search Volume.
  • Estimated Visits.
  • CPC.
  • Trends.

6. Check For Errors In Html 

When you are developing software, there is a high chance that you are making errors in HTML.

You need to keep the HTML checked thoroughly to ensure the SEO is all right. There could be direct as well as indirect consequences if you are making some errors in SEO.

Proper coding is, therefore, a very much essential and decisive factor so far as SEO practice is considered.

7. Are There Some Bottlenecks That Are Caused By Your Images On Your Website?

When you are discussing Optimization on your website, it is just not limited only to the Codes and text.

Image is also one of the vital elements that developers must consider. Most web developers do not really work properly on image compression.

If the image compressing is improper, you might end up using a larger size image. 

8. Using Plugins Correctly 

If you are using Plugins on your website, make sure that you are using them well. If you are not using Plugins correctly, it might go wrong and backfire.

If the plugins go wrong, then there is a high chance that the interesting link automatically goes into the footer of the page.

And these links create huge problems for your website. Problems in plugins usually arise on platforms like wordpress. As a web developer, it is your duty to make sure that you use the plugins correctly.


The web developer needs to be very much controlled and watchful while performing SEO optimization.

SEO optimization is a complex thing, and it takes quite a length of time to rank your software at the front of Google Search Engine.

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