What is Pixel 3 thief image?

Oct 27, 2023 12:16 PM 1 Answers Tech
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I recently came across news about a Pixel 3 owner who cleverly set up their phone to take a picture of anyone trying to unlock it without authorization. Apparently they suspected potential phone theft and wanted to catch the perpetrator.

The end result was a leaked image circulating online showing the thief's face as they presumably tried accessing the locked Pixel 3.

I'm curious to know more details about this incident:

  • What led to the Pixel 3 owner suspecting theft and setting up this photo capture?
  • How exactly did they configure the phone to snap a picture? Was it an app or specific settings?
  • When and where did this attempted phone theft occur?
  • What happened after? Were they able to identify the thief and take action?
  • How did the picture get leaked online afterwards? Did the owner intentionally share it?
  • Could this deter other phone thieves if more people knew about this photo security capability? Or would thieves find ways around it?

Any additional context, thoughts, or theories around this viral Pixel 3 thief image would be great to hear! This seems like an ingenious phone security setup that more people should know about.

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Kristina Barooah
Oct 27, 2023

A photo recently surfaced on tech sites showing the face of an alleged phone thief trying to unlock a Google Pixel 3. The image provides a cautionary tale about the importance of smartphone security and how a few clever settings can catch a would-be phone stealer in the act.

The Pixel 3 owner who took the viral photo lives in the U.S. and suspected that someone may try to steal their phone. So they installed an Android app called Smart Lock Cam that takes a snapshot from the front-facing camera when an incorrect unlock passcode is entered multiple times.

Sure enough, the owner's hunch proved right. When they checked their photo gallery later, they found the thief's photo staring back at them.

The image shows a man cupping the Pixel 3 in his hands, looking straight at the screen in concentration as he repeatedly tries fingerprint or passcode combinations to get into the phone. Little did he know, his own photo was being snapped in the process.

It's unknown exactly when and where this happened. The Pixel 3 owner likely shared the photo within tech circles, and from there it spread rapidly online.

So what can the owner do now? If they have a clear shot of the perpetrator's face, they can file a police report for attempted phone theft. Law enforcement may be able to identify the suspect and take legal action.

For the rest of us, this viral episode shows why locking your smartphone is so important. The Smart Lock Cam app provides an extra layer of security by gathering photographic evidence that could help convict or identify criminals.

This likely isn't the only attempted phone theft to be thwarted thanks to everyday smartphone features. But having a literal picture of the crime occurring serves as a warning to other tech thieves. The cameras and sensors on our phones can work against you if trying to steal someone's device.

Pixel 3 owners in particular can feel reassured knowing their phone has the capability to capture crooks if they get into the wrong hands. And this owner's quick thinking turned the tables on the criminal in the best way possible - by exposing them for the world to see.

So remember to always use secure lock screens and explore apps that may capture photos or data useful to police. You never know when your smartphone could suddenly become a crime-fighting tool and turn the tables on a would-be thief.

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