What are some good TF2 wallpapers for the Pixel 3XL?

Oct 27, 2023 12:20 PM 1 Answers Tech
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I recently got a new Pixel 3XL and am looking for some great Team Fortress 2 (TF2) wallpapers to personalize it with.

As a huge TF2 fan, I'd love to find wallpapers showcasing the game's characters, maps, weapons, and more on my Pixel's display. Some specific aspects I'm looking for:

  • High-resolution images optimized for the Pixel 3XL screen size
  • Artwork featuring popular classes like Scout, Soldier, Pyro, etc.
  • Wallpapers with cool battle scenes or landscapes from famous TF2 maps
  • Clean minimalist designs with TF2 icons, shapes, or colors
  • Images that highlight vintage TF2 poster art and propaganda
  • Creative mashups with other gaming universes or pop culture

If you have any favorite TF2 background images, artwork, or wallpapers ideal for the Pixel 3XL, please share links or suggestions! I want my phone to show off the visual flair and spirit of one of my all-time favorite games. Where can I find the best TF2 wallpapers to make that happen?

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Kristina Barooah
Oct 27, 2023

As one of the most iconic and enduringly popular online multiplayer games, Team Fortress 2 (TF2) deserves to be showcased on your smartphone display. If you’re a fan who recently picked up a Google Pixel 3XL, then decking out your device with TF2 backgrounds is a must.

The Pixel 3XL’s gorgeous, high-res OLED screen gives TF2’s signature art style and characters the real estate they deserve. To find the best TF2 wallpaper for your new Pixel, you’ll want images that are customized for the phone’s 2960 x 1440 resolution.

High quality photos of the cast of colorful mercs make for eye-catching home screens. A minimalist wallpaper featuring just the familiar silhouettes of the Scout, Soldier, Pyro and more is an elegant option. Or go for busier battle scenes and landscapes depicting famous maps like 2Fort, Dustbowl and Badlands.

If you want to rep your main in-game, character-focused wallpapers spotlighting the Sniper, Engineer, Spy, or other classes are perfect for TF2 devotees. Vintage propaganda posters featuring Uncle Sam-inspired American characters are another great retro choice.

Simple backgrounds with the iconic red and blue team colors, shapes associated with classes like the Pyro’s gas mask, and other symbolic touches are fantastic as well. Don’t be afraid to get creative with mashups featuring other gaming universes too!

To give you some visual inspiration, here are a few great Pixel 3XL-optimized TF2 wallpapers to check out:


The Pixel 3XL’s immersive display is ideal for letting TF2 shine in all its artistic glory. With so many options out there, you’re sure to find eye-catching backgrounds that show off your gamer style whenever you use your phone. Just be prepared for envy from fellow mercs the next time you whip out your Pixel!

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