What is 45.891.752 Inova Simples (i.s.) SEI – Servicos Empresariais Inovacao?

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Can someone provide insights or information about '45.891.752 inova simples (i.s.) sei - servicos empresariais inovacao'? I am looking to understand its significance, context, and any relevant details related to this topic. Any expert knowledge or clarification would be greatly appreciated.

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Kristina Barooah
Oct 13, 2023

Inova Simples, registration number 45.891.752, is a Brazilian company focused on providing innovation and business services. Operating under the trade name "SEI - Servicos Empresariais Inovacao," this Valinhos-based startup aims to help other fledgling companies through strategic solutions. But what exactly does this innovative enterprise offer? Let's take a closer look.

About Inova Simples

Inova Simples was founded on April 4, 2022 as an "Empresa Simples de Inovação" - a streamlined company framework to support innovative new businesses in Brazil. Under CEO name Gerdilania Aparecida Silva Dantas, Inova Simples set out to facilitate entrepreneurship and economic growth through its expertise.

Specifically, the company provides services like business consulting, market research, competitive analysis, branding, and more. The goal is to help startups develop solid business strategies and get off the ground successfully.

Core Services

As an innovation-focused consultancy, key services offered by Inova Simples include:

  • Market intelligence - Identifying opportunities, analyzing trends and competition
  • Business model development - Crafting strategies for growth and sustainability
  • Marketing and branding - Building awareness and crafting effective messaging
  • Innovation management - Developing new products, services and business processes
  • Strategic planning - Creating roadmaps to turn ideas into reality
  • Lean startup methodology - Validating assumptions quickly via MVPs

Partnering With Startups

Inova Simples tailors its services to the unique needs of each early-stage client. The company aims to provide the insights and framework for entrepreneurs to transform innovative ideas into thriving businesses.

By leveraging research and emerging best practices - like lean methodology - Inova Simples empowers startups to launch strategically. The consultancy becomes a partner invested in their client's success.

The Inova Simples Difference

What sets Inova Simples apart is its specialization in innovation. The company understands the particular challenges startups face in bringing disruptive ideas to market.

With expertise in areas like intellectual property, funding, and technology commercialization, Inova Simples gives startups a strategic edge. Their fresh perspective helps founders turn game-changing concepts into real-world viability.


For business visionaries in Brazil looking to turn ideas into startups, Inova Simples provides specialized guidance and support. Their innovation-focused services aim to set emerging companies up for sustainable growth and success. By partnering with startups to hone effective business strategies, Inova Simples unlocks entrepreneurial potential and propels new ideas forward.

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