What does a Python developer do and why you need them for website development

Web development has become the need of every brand and business (small or big).  

A well-designed website can help you increase sales, gain customer loyalty and deliver great customer service. 

The first step is to hire Python developers. 

What does a Python developer do and why you need them for website development


As per the Python Developers Survey 2021 Results showed that 72% of employed personnel work as developers in their companies. 

What does a Python developer do and why you need them for website development


As per JetBrains, web development is one of the main types of Python development.

What exactly does a Python developer do?

A natural question to ask before you hire Python developers. 

A Python developer can become a part of your software team. 

They’re a crucial part of creating, designing, and deploying computer applications and websites using the Python programming language. 

One of their fortes is web development. They are able to:

  • Work with databases. 
  • Use fundamental front-end coding skills like HTML.
  • Use web development frameworks like Django and Flask.

Let’s go into detail and understand why Python is a top choice for web developers.

What does a Python developer do and why you need them for website development


  1. Simple to learn and understand

Python uses simple syntax. Hence, dealing with complex systems is very easy. Python also emphasizes readability and similarity to our everyday language.

These two aspects make it possible for programmers to create code that is easy to comprehend and promote communication amongst developers working on the same project. 

Python’s ease of learning means that novice developers without prior Python knowledge can pick up the language and join the development team more quickly. Hence, if you want to expand your team or want coders from different languages to switch to Python for a project, it is possible. 

  1. Free

Python is a free, open-source programming language that is available for everyone to use. 

Even all the packages and libraries are free to use. 

  1. Compatible 

Python is a sophisticated coding language that enables you to perform complicated back-end activities, such as AI and Data Science, in addition to any other typical activity in other programming languages.


There are many libraries available in Python that can help you perform AI. With this you can have virtual chat boxes, immediate responses based on the query and more without employing people for customer support. 


With Machine learning, Python developers can train the system to solve a problem instead of explicitly programming the rules. 

This can be used to understand which product of yours is selling the best, how many negative and positive reviews you have, what are the main problems people are facing without having to look at individual inputs. 

  1. Object-oriented 

You can also do object-oriented programming with Python. This means you can create objects and classes to solve programming problems. 

An object has two characteristics:

  • Attributes 
  • Behavior
  1. Wide range of libraries and good frameworks 

You can use a variety of Python libraries to speed up the development of your application/website. 

You can avoid having to create everything from scratch by using these libraries, which are collections of ready-to-use code. 

For example, you have access to Numpy and Pandas for mathematical analysis, Pygal for charting, and SQLALchemy for composable queries. Python also offers amazing web frameworks like Django and Flask, which we’ll dive into later in the article.

Here are a few libraries and what they do.

  • Numpy and Pandas – mathematical analysis.
  • Pygal – charting.
  • MatPlotlib – visualization.
  • SQLALchemy – composable queries.
  • NLTK – A suite of libraries and programs for symbolic and statistical natural language processing for English. 
What does a Python developer do and why you need them for website development


Python web development frameworks including Django, Flask, Pyramid, Web2Py, and Turbogears are some of the most well-liked ones. 

These frameworks function similarly to toolboxes and are designed to speed up the creation of web applications. 

They provide standardized code packages and modules that might help you in a variety of application areas (URL routing, accessing the database, HTTP requests, and responses ).

Let’s look into the most famous web frameworks.


Thanks to Django, a Python developer can make apps and websites faster and with less code thanks.

It serves as a full-stack web framework and can handle a lot of work by itself. This framework already includes the SQLite database.

It is used by some of the leaders of industries like Instagram, Pinterest, Udemy, and Coursera.


Used by companies like Netflix, Lyft, Reddit, and Zillow, Flask is a credible micro web framework. 

It offers simplicity, adaptability, and granular control. The meaning of “micro” is that Flask focuses on maintaining a simple, extendable core. 

Flask gives you complete control over how you use it; it won’t make decisions for you, such as which databases to utilize. It only chooses things like the templating engine to utilize.

  1. Popularity of Python
What does a Python developer do and why you need them for website development


As per the 2022 Developer Survey, 43.51% of professional developers use Python as their programming language, ranking 4th. This characteristic indicates how suitable/good a language is.

The popularity of Python comes with an added perk, it is easy to debug Python applications.  

If a developer is struggling with some bug or doesn´t know precisely how to implement a new feature, there is a solution out there. Someone on the internet has already had the same problem, and a solution is available.

Hiring a Python developer for web development 

Now that you know how Python fatalities web development the next question is, ‘How to hire a Python developer?’

To hire a Python developer, you need to first understand your needs. Do you already have a team of developers and need an add-on? Or do you want to outsource your project to freelancers or agencies?

Creating an in-house web-development team, or hiring an in-house Python developer requires a lot of time, effort and money. 

What does a Python developer do and why you need them for website development


As per the 2022 Developer’s survey, the median yearly salary of a Python developer is $71,105. This is a large amount. And the better and more experienced a developer is, the higher their charges will be. 

The smart way of cutting costs is either outsourcing your project to freelancers or hiring on an hourly basis from talent networks. 

You should also try to cut down your costs while hiring a Python developer. You can cut costs by using talent networks that have curated a list of expert Python developers. 

You can even hire an entire team of developers through these sources. This will save on post-recruitment costs as well.

And instead of paying these Python developers an annual salary, insurance and other perks, all you have to do is pay an hourly fee till the completion of your project. The hourly fee can be as low as $25.

Now that you know the basics, get started on your search to hire Python developers. With the right team, you can create a web platform that your company truly deserves.

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