The Best Ways To Make Your Phone’s Battery Last Longer

Like your PC, your phone is a versatile mobile machine that has you enjoying several features and perks right at your fingertips whether you’re looking to bet on super bowl options, manage professional tasks, or attend to some personal business. 

One thing to note about mobile phones is that they’re as useful as their battery life in the sense that they can’t operate unless the battery has been charged. And while most of us go out of our way to protect these mobile devices with sturdy protective cases, we don’t seem to concern ourselves much when it comes to protecting the lifespan of our phones. 

Nowadays, most mobile devices and PCs use batteries that use lithium-ion which offers many perks thanks to its higher energy density. This allows for batteries to be smaller and lighter each time a new release is launched on the market. However, even with these exciting perks, batteries are still inevitably degrading with time. So, here are some tips that you can use to make your phone’s battery last a lot longer. 

Avoid Allowing Your Phone To Reach 0% Or 100%

Most mobile device users believe that the best way to keep your battery healthy is to either charge it fully to 100% or have the battery drain completely where it reaches 0%. This is untrue, therefore, try keeping your battery anywhere between these values to preserve your battery. 

Avoid Over-Charging

A lot of us have a habit of leaving our phones to charge overnight, but you’re probably not aware that this shortens your battery’s lifespan. Once your phone reaches 100%, charging it beyond this point means exposing it to higher voltage and heat that develops over time. Even though mobile device batteries don’t overheat, this exposure can do a lot of damage to your battery’s lifespan. 

When Possible, Charge Slowly

Fast-charging technologies are now the way to go as this saves you a lot of time. If, however, you intend on maximizing your battery’s lifespan, try saving your power-saving chargers for emergencies as this can damage and stress your battery, especially when it comes to older phones. 

When They’re Not In Use, Turn Your WiFi And Bluetooth Off

Your phone doesn’t live on a charger, therefore, you want to be aware of applications or features that may be adding to why your battery isn’t able to last too long. A common drain on battery life is when you leave your Bluetooth or WiFi connection on when you’re not using it. This can drain your battery drastically since your phone’s constantly at work, searching for networks or devices to connect to. 

Manage Location Services

Many apps these days offer the function to track your phone’s location so it can support certain services. When activated, this means that your phone is constantly at work, scanning with GPS, cell tower locations, and Bluetooth for maximum accuracy. To increase your battery life, allow these apps to access your location services only when needed. 

Let Go Of Your Assistant

Features like Siri and Google Assistant can be really useful to have, however, they drain your battery life, especially since they’re constantly on the lookout for your voice commands. When you don’t need them, be sure to disable them or their voice commands. 

Manage Your Apps Instead Of Closing Them

Saving your battery life doesn’t mean closing everything that runs on your phone. When you choose to close an app, you’re force-quitting it from running in the background of your phone, but this doesn’t improve your battery life at all. In fact, it can actually do more bad than good. 

Operating systems use algorithms that are able to automatically manage how much memory and power background the apps on your phone are using. Therefore, opening an app that’s already closed uses far more power than simply going back to an app that’s already operating in the background. 

Decrease Your Phone’s Brightness

Screen brightness happens to be a major contributor to why batteries get drained very quickly on a phone. Try keeping it on a level that’s lowest but still readable so you can preserve your battery while still being able to see what’s on the screen. 

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