How to Improve Your Photoshop Skills as a Photographer

Did you know photoshop was developed in 1987 by two brothers? If you are a photographer, you might have learned by now that being a great photographer is not only about taking good photos, you also need to learn some marketing skills along with photoshop skills. We have put together this short guide to share our top photoshop skills for photographers. 

Read on to learn some photoshop must-knows.

Practice Makes Perfect

One of the best ways to improve your Photoshop skills is to practice using photoshop as much as possible. The more you practice, the better you will get naturally because you will become more familiar with the tools and how to use them. 

When you are first starting out, we recommend uploading pictures as often as possible and start with the basics such as cropping, saturation, background remover, etc. 

Watch Tutorials

Another way to improve your Photoshop photo editing skills is to take the time to watch tutorial videos. There are endless tutorials on YouTube you can check out. There are also coaches that offer step-by-step videos where they charge a fee to access all of their videos, and you can have access to the instructor via email or phone in case you need extra help. 

Join Online Groups

There are plenty of Facebook groups or other groups online dedicated to Photoshop users. In these groups you can build relationships with others that have more experience and with fellow professionals. With this type of networking, you can learn tips from people from all walks of life. 

You can also use these groups to have others give you constructive criticism on your editing. This can help you improve at a faster rate because you are getting tips from people that have an eye for editing pictures on Photoshop. 

Subscribe to Blogs

Another way to level up those editing skills is to take the time to find bloggers that specialize in Photoshop and consistently blog about it. Subscribe to their newsletters so that you can not only receive tips about using the software, but also stay in the loop about any updates to the software.  

Think About Lighting

Making your photos look realistic is one of the best ways to stand apart from other photographers. This is why you want to pay attention to how the light is hitting your subject at the time you are taking your pictures. When you keep this in mind, it will make a difference when you are in the editing room. 

The more mindful you are of the lighting, the less you have to mess with saturation and brightness features. The less you have to use this in Photoshop, the more realistic you can make your pictures look.

Ready to Level Up Your Photoshop Skills?

With our top photoshop skills above, you can now start taking some action and apply what you learned to level up your photo editing skills.

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