Facebook Leaked Oculus Quest 2: Features Qualcomm XR2

In the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset, the entirety of the leak is provided by means of a pair of promotional videos that are posted to a content hub run by the parent company Facebook. There are also a couple of live headset workshops on the platform which are planned for 16 and 17 September. The launch date for Quest 2 on 15 September is well-matched with the speculated launch date. The new Headset is operated by the Snapdragon XR2 platform of Qualcomm and is built particularly for AR and VR hardware (unlike the Snapdragon 835 general purpose that operated the original Quest). One of the videos has a “nearly 4 K monitor,” which means that the second video says it’s around 50% more of the pixels than the first.

oculus guest 2


  • The headset now has 6 GB of RAM (up from 4 GB) and up to 256 GB of storage (up from up to 128 GB) and 3D dimensional audio, with hand-tracking returned without controllers. Although the videos contain plenty of new material concerning the OculusQuest2, a few recurring concerns emerge.
  • For the start, it is not known what refresh rate the show would have, which previous sources suggested might grow from 72Hz to 90Hz or even 120Hz for smoother moving. No note of the size or weight of the headset is also made.
  • Previous sources have indicated that Quest 2 is less unpredictable than the original Quest, but the Videos are clearly named “streamlined” and “light.” The current hardware. Since its contentious decision to make Oculus users have a Facebook account, the Oculus Quest 2 appears to have been the first headset Facebook released.
  • Although owners of the current headsets could have an Oculus account independently before 2023, Facebook announced that potential devices will need Facebook authentication, whether or not you already have a separate Oculus account. The cost of the headset is uncertain but a Walmart page now deleted indicates that the 256 GB of its version will sell for $399.

Little More About Oculus Quest:

oculus quest 2

With the production conference on Facebook Connect planned for 16 September, a formal announcement could not be too far away. It is not a surprise that many leaks such as the photos that emerged in July have revealed themselves. This is somewhat distinct as these are public videos that were presumably used throughout the keynote on Wednesday. The content not only provides the greatest insight into the new product, but it also offers a lot of hardware knowledge. Another important aspect listed here is that each title of Oculus Quest will work with Oculus Quest 2, perhaps with the updated hardware, they will look much better. The XR2 framework of Qualcomm is used for a host of potential products such as Neal Light (AR) and XR Monitor Augments, from companies such as Panasonic. The platform could then encourage developers to create even better VR gaming experiences. There is still a lot of information about Oculus Quest 2, such as the availability, usability, and what is going on with IPD change, so you will have to watch Facebook Link. VR App Venues and Facebook Live encourage you to watch the action. This large hardware ad will not have the same effect. There is also a virtually 4 K screen for players with a native 2 K per eye. The accompanying video clip ‘Within The Headset’ shows that the search screen has 50 percent more pixels. The video also states that there will be 256 GB Quest 2 and presents us with “modified ergonomics” on the new controllers. The headset will still play your old Quest names, but no new games or encounters have only been announced to us. The video below shows that support for Oculus Connect is still included.

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