Emerging Online Training Areas

The pandemic has affected our day-to-day life and has done tremendous harm to the human race. However, being the superior living organisms, we, humans have the tendency to overcome challenges, no matter how big or small. So has the training department evolved and learning and development have taken a leap by becoming one of the major contributing factors in the company’s growth. The organizations have been focussing on training and development of the employees to cope with the changing work scenarios.

It is important to note how your organization is planning to upskill and reskill your employees. What will be the primary focus of training areas? Outlined below are training areas that the companies should focus on to speed up the process of training to cope up with the changing work scenarios.

Soft Skills Training:

The need and demand have increased for soft skill training across all the functions and roles in the recent past. The work-from-home scenario has made the employees aloof and the need for emotional empathy, emotional intelligence, and means of connection has increased multifold. Traditional classroom training has now been taken over by online training because of the social distancing norms that we all are required to follow.  

Following online training methods can be used to deliver effective soft skill training-

  • Microlearning modules involve small digestible chunks of information that can be easily understood and refreshed at the time of need.
  • Self-paced learning by including scenarios, simulations, and case studies that provide the feel of real-life situations and problems.
  • Anywhere, anytime learning that can be taken upon any kind of device. Designing the course that is compatible with mobiles and leverages the learners with on-the-go learning.
  • The inclusion of social learning platforms like discussion forums, group activities in a virtual situation enables the learners to share best practices and perform group activities to enhance their team-building skills.
  • Inclusion of interactivity to keep the interest alive and easy to understand.
  • Assessments and quizzes with rewards and benefits.

Enterprise Training:

It is as important to train your customer as to train your employees. Giving training through personal visits is not feasible anymore. Webinars and seminars can be the alternative for the same. However, providing personalized training online that the customer can access at their own convenience and need can provide your business a new direction altogether towards customer experience that surely turns into a better business and happy customers. Additionally, you save on the time and cost of the representative’s visit.

  • Catering to any number of customers, irrespective of geographical constraints becomes easy through the single learning management system. By creating subdomains, catering to multiple products provides a great customer experience through a single platform.
  • The use of various modes of presenting the product knowledge will make it easier for the customers to understand the product and utilize the benefits to the maximum. With various tools of interactivity, you can keep your customers engaged thus increasing the product value.
  • Providing updates at one go from one platform is the biggest advantage of these enterprise programs. 
  • Tracking and reporting enable to understand the progress and in-depth analysis of customer needs provides the details about the areas that need extra focus. 

The incomparable benefits that the eLearning benefits provide are enormous. However, the methodology of delivering online courses is very different from ILT training. Thus the focus on the following areas will lead to a successful training program that will provide benefits to both your employees and enterprise partners

  • Content – should be interactive, engaging and provide relevant references and guide for hands-on practice.
  • Technology – Keeping in mind the collaborative activities and inclusion of interactivity tools, you can carefully choose a robust platform like Coassemble that has inbuilt features to create an effective program even if you are not a tech pro.

Conclusion: With the fast-paced changing trends, the need for online training has increased multifold. To manage the work in entirely a new scenario, the above-mentioned training areas have evolved and have become a necessary area of focus for the organizations. Leave a comment and share your views in the comment box!

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