How EdTech is Transforming The Classroom Learning

One of the areas where technology has played a significant role is education. It has completely transformed education from what it used to be. Today, with the help of technology, the process of teaching and learning has become extremely easy.

In this article, we will look at the several ways how EdTech (Educational Technology) can help in the classroom. Also, we will look at the several types of educational technologies used in the classroom.

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Visual Information

One of the key areas where EdTech is transforming classroom learning is visual Information. As you may already know, some things cannot be completely understood when explained vocally. 

For example, abstract concepts may be difficult for students to understand until they are shown. Imagine an educator trying to explain a pie chart or graph to students without showing it to them! Your guess is as good as mine; the students will definitely feel lost.

However, with the help of technological devices like an interactive smart board, such concepts become easier for students to understand. Also, it makes things easier for educators when explaining complex terms and topics.

Access to Digital Resources and Information

Today, with the help of educational technologies like laptops and tablets, students can research information on the internet on their own. As a student, you don’t have to wait until you get to the classroom to learn new things. You can find everything you need online.

In addition, a lot of educational institutions now have an online library where students can access ebooks, journals, research papers, podcasts, and more.

Students taking class
Students taking class

Automated Tools and Software to Help With School Work

There are lots of EdTech tools and software available online that can help students save time on their assignments and essays. For example, there are several ACS reference generator platforms that students can use when working on their chemistry references. Using these platforms will help save a lot of time since formatting chemistry references can be very challenging for most students.

Other software tools like Grammarly and Turnitin can also help students in their education. With these tools, students no longer have to worry about typos, grammar errors, and plagiarism in their assignments and essays.

Virtual Classroom

With the help of EdTech, many schools around the world now conduct virtual classroom learning for full-time and part-time students. As a result of this, many students can attend classes from anywhere. They do not have to be physically present to attend a class since everything is done virtually. Educators also get to benefit from this since they can provide lectures to students from anywhere.

Online Assessments

With the help of technology, educators can now conduct assessment tests such as quizzes, problem-solving, simulations, and more online. This makes things a lot easier for teachers since they do not have to be physically present to conduct it. It is also beneficial to students since they can take these assessments from anywhere.

What Technologies May be Used in The Classroom?

There are several types of educational technologies used in the classroom. Some of them are as follows:


Although projectors have been around for a long time, they were hardly used in the classroom. Instead, they were mostly used for entertainment purposes.

However, things have taken a different turn now. Today, you will find a projector in almost every classroom. The reason for that is simply because it simplifies the processes involved in teaching and learning. These projectors come in different types and have several features to make teaching as easy as possible.


In the past, black/ whiteboards were used in the classroom for the purpose of teaching. But things are different now. Many educational institutions now use interactive smartboards in their classrooms. This is because smart boards are very easy to use. 

Also, the modern smart boards come with a touch screen to make things even easier for educators.

Smart Gadgets

Smart Gadgets have made learning so much easier for students. Previously, students had to use a pen and paper to make notes during lectures. This can be very tiring and time-consuming. 

However, with the help of gadgets like laptops, tablets, and even smartphones, it’s a lot easier to make notes during class. Students no longer have to stress themselves writing since lectures can easily be recorded and saved on these devices.


YouTube is not only a social media platform, it is also used for educational purposes. Most institutions of learning now require teachers to upload lessons on the platform for students to stream and learn. With that, students can watch lessons they missed and learn on their own.

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