Should Canadians Look for a Computer That Does Everything?

Laptops are computers that are designed to be portable, convenient, and versatile. It’s no surprise, then, that there’s a laptop for practically every purpose, including laptops specifically designed for highly intensive operations like VR gaming or crypto mining, as well as laptops designed to be as simple, inexpensive, and intuitive to use as possible.

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But for modern, complicated laptop users, finding a single laptop that does everything seems like an impossible challenge. Is it possible to have a computer that works well for work, play, and personal tasks simultaneously? And if so, how do you find the best deal on it?

Better Laptop Deals in Canada

If you’ve ever looked for laptop deals in Canada, you know there are thousands of different types of laptops that fluctuate in price wildly. And on top of that, new models are being released on an almost constant basis.

These are some tips that can help you find a wider range of laptops to choose from, and a better price for those laptops once you narrow down your selection.

Become a laptop expert (sort of).

The first step of your journey is to become a laptop expert. You don’t need to build your own laptop or become intimately familiar with every internal component, but you should be familiar with some of the most common laptop specs and get a better understanding of contemporary laptop prices. Once you do, you’ll be in a much more educated, better position to decide what types of laptops would work well in your life.

Aggregate sources.

There are many different locations where you can find laptop deals in Canada, so make a list of some of your favorite sources and browse them regularly. You never know where the next great deal will emerge.

Nail the timing.

It’s hard to know where the best deals will be, but it’s easy to know when the best deals will be. In most cases, you’ll find the best laptop deals around the holidays, around back to school time, and around major corporate sales events (like Prime Day).

Types of Laptops You Might Consider

While it’s definitely possible to find general purpose laptops that are designed for a bit of everything, it’s arguably more common to find laptops designed for specific needs.

For example:

A work laptop. A work laptop is generally light enough to be portable, but also heavy and powerful enough to tackle almost any conceivable white-collar task. Certain laptops are designed for specific types of professions (like video editors or graphic designers), but these laptops tend to be exceptionally well-rounded as a general rule.

A gaming laptop. Gaming laptops are typically heavier and bulkier because they have greater processing power, graphics cards, and other components designed for intensive computer needs. They’re very powerful but not as portable.

Ultrabooks. The term “ultrabook” was coined by Intel, but has since been adopted generically to describe any laptop designed to be thin, lightweight, portable, and convenient for a wide range of tasks. They won’t be able to handle your biggest processing challenges, but they will look and feel great.

2-in-1s. 2-in-1 laptops are designed to represent the best of both worlds, offering both laptop and tablet functionality. They have several functional limitations (and typically not much processing power), but they’re ideal for some professional applications.

Chromebooks (and similar). Chromebooks and similar mini laptops are made to be capable of basic tasks, like browsing the web, but they feature stripped-down operating systems and limited functionality. In exchange, they’re cheap and easy to use.

A Laptop That Does Everything?

As you’ve come to see in our exploration of common laptop niches, optimizing for any particular strength typically takes away from some other area of strength. For example, greater processing power usually makes a laptop heavier and less portable, as well as more expensive.

Accordingly, it might be a fool’s errand to find a laptop in Canada that truly does everything. Instead, base your decision on the following:

·       Tasks. What tasks are you going to use this laptop for? Depending on your needs, you might be able to forego certain options. For example, if you don’t plan on doing any video gaming, video editing, or crypto mining, you probably won’t need a dedicated graphics card in your laptop.

·       Typical use. Where and how are you going to use this device? If you’re going to bring it with you on your travels and share it with others, it needs to be very durable and portable. If you’re almost exclusively going to use it at home, you can manage with something bigger and more awkward.

·       Number of users. Will you be sharing this laptop with others? If so, you’ll need to keep their needs in mind as well. In some cases, it might be better to purchase an extra Chromebook or lightweight laptop to cover another user’s needs more conveniently.

·       Budget. And of course, you’ll need to consider your budget. There’s an upper limit to what you can reasonably afford.

It is possible to find laptops that can do a bit of everything, but most laptop consumers are better off finding a laptop that’s perfectly suited to their specific needs. Not only will you find a better price come up but you’ll end up with a much better optimized machine as well.

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