5 Best Mobile Apps to Increase Your Productivity

Currently, the world is obsessed with ways to be productive at all times. We desire to get things done easier and quickly with less effort, improve our time management skills, and live more purposeful lives. 

We’ve compiled a list of 5 productivity apps that we believe will help you to achieve those goals you’ve set. An investment in these tools will help you to be more efficient and time conscious to meet your set goals. Below is our list: 

1. Lucidchart

The Lucidchart app comes with interesting apps that will enable you to be more productive. It offers high-quality visual creation along with simple keyboard shortcuts or easy click of the mouse. 

To use this tool, you just have to create a custom document or select from multiple templates to help you start. Then you can make visuals with ease using hundreds of shapes, colors, and the addition of layers if you desire. 

Also, you can use it as a team to keep your team on track, by collaborating with your team members through the use of tags. That way, tasks can be completed easier. 

2. Calendar

A calendar is another smart tool that you need to add to your stack. It is an artificial intelligence-led productivity app that continuously learns for you, thereby enabling you to save time and effort to plan out your day, week, month, and year. 

calender, productive mobile apps

As you begin to use it, you’ll realize that its value is on the increase as it can help you schedule meetings within the app. Also, you don’t have to worry about overbookings, as it can protect from other meetings scheduled at that same time. 

With this app, you can permit anyone to choose a time and schedule a meeting with you, directly from the app. With the inclusion of features in Inc, CNN, Forbes, and so on, it will analyze ways to maximize your productivity, hence help you save time. Simply visit Calender.com to get started. 

3. CloudApp

The CloudApp is a highly intuitive visual communication tool that can serve you and your team for up to 56 hours in a week. It comes with exciting features that aid your communication with colleagues, clients, customers, and so on. 

Some of these features include screen records, screenshot, GIF creation, and image annotation features. They will help you to get your point across faster when communicating. 

It is an incredible app that is suitable for your business software suite, no wonder it has more than 3 million users, including big industry users like Facebook, Uber, and Adobe. Also, it is affordable. 

4. HubSpot CRM

The HubSpot CRM app was designed to suit the modern world. Where other applications are complicated and manual, HubSpot CRM is intuitive and automatic. It takes care of all the little details like the recording of calls, managing your data, and logging emails hence frees up valuable selling time in the process. 

Also, it is ranked as one of the best CRM software products suitable for small businesses. It is free and comes natively integrated with other free features that are vital for small businesses like email marketing, email tracker, meetings scheduler, live chat, forms, reporting dashboards, and so on. 

5. Slack

slack, productive mobile apps

Slack is a popular company that keeps growing with the aid of some major corporations like Oracle, Target, and AirBnB who make use of the app daily as it is an incredible productivity-boosting tool. 

It is user-friendly and easy to navigate. With this app, you can neatly organize and search all your office communications. The app is so much more than an email alternative as you can share documents, send GIFs inside the application, video chats, and so on. 

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